Use JL Skin Scrub!

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Why you should use JL Skin Scrub!

There are skin scrubs and there are skin scrubs – if you know what I mean! Firstly, you need a skin scrub that is going to ‘scrub the skin in a gentle way’ and by that I mean the little polishers in the scrub do not scratch the skin making it sensitive. JL Skin Scrub does this by way of smooth ended Amber (tree resin) pieces which polish off the dead skin cells, smooth the skin surface, gently cleaning the pores and help to dislodge blackheads.

How to-

For those of us that love the feeling of scrupulously clean fresh skin, this Skin Scrub does it all. Apply a pea sized drop into the palms and add a little water and then massage gently over the face and neck. You can feel the gentle exfoliation together with a lovely hint of vanilla. When you rinse this scrub off, you will immediately see a difference in your skin. You look fresher, younger and smoother. And probably the most important thing to know is that Honey is included in this amazing scrub which leaves the skin feeling naturally moisturised. Honey is a humectant which means it draws moisture from the air. A lot of scrubs out there leave skin feeling tight and sensitive. JL Skin Scrub has the opposite effect.

Magnesium Glucomate is the other ingredient which gives added mineral content to skin, enabling collagen production, helping skins own immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties!

JL Skin Scrub really does have it all and is suitable for all skin types, men, women, teenagers, acne, pigmentation and finally a great way to treat Keratosis Pilaris – those hideous skin bumps on the back of upper arms!

Joan’s personal tip: ‘Mix the Skin Scrub with Exfoliating Cleanser to give yourself a home microdermabrasion facial. Do this several nights in a row and see your gorgeous healthy skin reappear!’

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