Vegan bio placenta serum

vegan bio placenta

Why should you be looking to add a vegan bio-placenta to your skincare routine?

Think about what the life-giving placenta is doing in humans. Then know that science has enabled us to mimic this by way of bio-placenta. Peptides that mimic placenta are currently flooding the skincare market and are known as growth factor (GF) peptides. These growth factor peptides stimulate cell repair and cell regeneration, stimulate fibroblasts to make collagen, enable skin to look and feel younger. Combined with neuropeptides that relax the facial muscles to smooth lines and wrinkles. You now have a fab age- defying formula.

Have you noticed the word ‘placenta’ is being mentioned everywhere for the past few years. I think it probably began with our favourite tv family ‘The Kardashians’ and mainly Kim, eating her own babies placenta and recently Simon Cowell becoming a fan of ‘sheep placenta facials!’ I’ll have to speak to him about that! And I know some of you are having an ‘icky’ thought when I mention placenta…but it really is THE anti-ageing ingredient of the moment!

The history of eating placenta

Actually eating one’s own placenta is natural in the animal kingdom and it’s also practised in Chinese medicine to cure ailments like anemia, exhaustion, pain relief and to prevent miscarriages.

However, it’s trendy amongst celebrities and women in wellness communities to prevent post natal depression and help bringing in breast milk. Probably why Kim Kardashian, who actually didn’t eat her babies placenta, she had it freeze dried and made into pills.

Placenta for skincare is backed by science

Korean studies have shown that placenta when taken orally reduced trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). This happens when your skin’s barrier is damaged allowing the water to escape from your skin causing skin to dry out. Lines are wrinkles from UV rays were reduced as was collagen depletion.

Another Korean study reported the placenta growth factors greatly repaired skin cells and stimulated fibroblast cells to make more collagen.

Doctors in USA have been using donated human placentas topically to speed up wound healing, reduce inflammation and prevent scar formation.

Ethical opinion

Personally I am against animal placenta products or for that matter animal collagen products. Therefore choosing vegan skincare products for me is the only way forward.

Now this leads me on to my favourite JL skincare product ….

Future Skin Serum and the Science of Growth Factors

Peptides are short chains of amino acids which are already present in the body.
Peptides have been proven to communicate between the skin layers to stimulate collagen and neuropeptides which specifically act to reduce facial muscle contraction.

We have a bio-placenta serum called Future Skin and this serum has bio mimetic cell-signalling peptides. Bio mimetic simply means these peptides are mimicking what happens in nature. So this serum has 5 growth factors which mimic the life-giving growth factors that are found in human placenta.

These peptides boost regeneration, collagen production, strengthen capillaries and helps reverse the ageing process.

Therefore, to apply a topical bio placenta serum. If it is VEGAN is going to be a winner for those of us who want an age defying serum.