your skin when flying

your skin when flying

What happens to your skin when flying?

If any of you ever see me flying …please have a good look at the mini spa I create for myself whilst up in the air and why there’s a very good reason behind it!  You see weird things happen to your skin while you’re flying and you must carefully choose those cute skincare containers that make up your ‘travel beauty arsenal!’ 

Have you noticed that when you are flying, your normally glowing skin can transform into a blotchy, dehydrated mess?  Or some of you may have noticed a couple of spots suddenly appearing. This is apart from your rings feeling way snugger than they did before you climbed aboard that plane or your shoes suddenly feel a size smaller?!  


So what is going on you may ask?  The air in the plane is not humidified and so the drier the air, the more water loss from the skin, making the skin become extremely dehydrated.  What you need to know is that the average airplane has a humidity of about 20%, but our skin prefers humidity in the 40% to 70% range.  Combine that with a couple of G & T’s and you are asking for skin trouble.

Pressurised Environment

The pressurised environment of a plane is totally unnatural and effectively sucks moisturise out of the skin, leaving it looking dehydrated and dull.  That lovely post-gym glow or glow your face gets after a brisk walk outside, happens thanks to extra blood flow to your face.   But on a plane journey, that lovely glow fades away.   Whilst the plane creates artificial pressure to keep a safe environment – it’s not the same pressure at sea level and instead is pressurised to the equivalent of 6,000 to 8,000 feet up in the mountains.  Therefore the reduced pressure reduces blood flow to your skin causing a dull complexion.

Post Flight Puffiness

Whilst on a plane, you are stuck in a tight, uncomfortable seat and unable to move about.  That lack of movement and hands up ….who has enjoyed the salty peanuts or snacks… causes you to retain water and look puffier. 

Spots Can Happen

Some of us get spots too but this could probably be a combination of the stress of travelling.  I have some friends that become anxious and nervous causing more oil to be produced on our skin.  Also poor sleep, not cleansing your face as you would normally, touching your face more or sweating against those travel pillows and you do not that planes harbour lots of germs, right??

Another thing about having oily skin is when it becomes dry on the plane and sometimes your skin will compensate and produce even more oil causing more blemishes.  Combine that with sweating and you can see why pores clog up while flying.

 How to look after your skin whilst up in the air.

  1.  Cleanse your face thoroughly with cotton pads pre-soaked in a calming make up remover with ingredients such as chamomile.
  2.  Eye cream that reduces puffiness – ingredients such as caffeine.
  3.  A layer of moisturiser over lips – ingredient such as hyaluronic acid.
  4.  A few drops of an antioxidant facial serum over face and neck.
  5.  Apply a hydrating mask over the face and neck and leave it on for the entire journey.
  6.  Do not forget about the hands. The soap in the plane toilets and hand wipes can dry skin out terrribly.  Therefore moisturise every time you wash hands or use wipes to clean hands. 
  7. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  8. Try to avoid salty snacks and alcohol – to prevent bloating.
  9. Stand up and walk up and down the aisle to get the blood flow going.
  10.  Put on your favourite music, put on the earphones, position your neck pillow, put on the eye mask and have some beauty sleep.

Because wherever your trip takes you, if you remember to protect your skin in-flight, we bet you’ll always look and feel fabulous.