showering for clear skin

When is the best time to shower for clear skin

When is the best time to shower for clear skin?

When do you like to shower?  In the morning or evening?  We all have our favourite routines and does it make any difference to your skin when you shower? And does it affect our sleep??Do you know the answer to when is the best time to shower for clear skin?

Those of us that shower at night will be helping to remove all the dirt and toxins that have built-up on your skin during the day.  However, I bet those of us that shower in the morning believe it’s a great wakening up and sets you up for the day ahead.  

The benefits of a morning shower allows you to have some time for yourself, to have a think or meditate before a long, hectic day. This mindfulness can decrease inflammation in the skin by keeping you relaxed and preventing levels of the stress hormone cortisol from creeping up. 

In the AM

A morning shower can also stimulate the skin cells and if you have combination, oily or acne skin, then you are giving the skin a good cleanse after sweating in bed all night – so this has to keep skin clearer, right?! 

Temperature of water is important too and lukewarm water is best.  If you have too-hot a shower, this will aggravate your skin especially if you have dry and sensitive skin.

In The PM 

Evening showers though are the winners because of all the skin benefits.  Night time is the perfect time to shower to remove all the dirt, bacteria and pollutants that have gathered on your skin throughout your daily activities.  Your skin naturally exfoliates, renews and replenishes itself at night and having a freshly showered skin is going to let these jobs be done properly by the skin.   

But for me the strongest argument for showering at night is that just like your JL skincare rituals, you are giving yourself a pamper, time for just yourself, to reflect on your days activities, to wind down – no checking emails or answering phone calls.   Just you and that lovely, fresh, warm water cascading over your body….. Think of this time as showering with mindfulness. 

Night-time is the perfect time to shower as part of preparing for bed routine.  Again the water should be warm and not too hot.  This is going to get your body relaxed and primed for a good night’s sleep. Also having the shower at this time will help prevent you from overheating during the night.

The better you sleep, the better your skin will look in the morning. Remember one of my favourite sayings ‘Beauty Sleep is not a myth!’ DO you know when is the best time to shower for clear skin?