Why toners are a waste of your hard earned cash!

Q. Are toners a waste of money?

  1. Yes, they are!  Not only are toners a waste of your hard earned cash but also a waste of your time.  Look, in their day, toners were invented because cleansers used to leave a soapy film on your skin that had to be removed.  Today’s cleansers don’t do that.

Q.  Do toners remove dirt and tighten your pores?

A.  No!  I do think many of us have purchased toners with the notion that they will remove any remaining dirt from our face after we have cleansed it and tighten our pores at the same time.  So here is what you need to know….pores can’t tighten…that feeling usually comes from irritating alcohol.  If your cleanser can’t remove all the day’s dirt and grime, it’s simply not good enough.  So bin the extra expense of the toner and the extra step and invest in a good quality cleanser.

Q.  So toners are an unnecessary step in our cleansing routine?

A.   Absolutely! Toners are an unnecessary step that often do more harm than good in the long run and in my opinion, just one more thing the cosmetic skincare companies would have you buy simply to put a few more pounds into their bank account.

Q.   Why did the beauty consultant tell me it was to balance the ph of my skin!

A.  To sell you one!  He/she is on commission right?! Good cleansers do not disrupt the PH balance of your skin nor will them remove the precious acid mantle of your skin. This fatty acid that we call sebum is protecting your skin from air-borne pollutants, sealing the skin to prevent moisture loss, keeping your skin looking younger and interestingly, helping to prevent acne.

Q.  How do I cleanse my skin thoroughly then?

A.   Easy, here is my number one tip .…You will need to double cleanse if you’re removing make up, one cleanse for the makeup and one for your skin.  No need for a toner.  Most advanced skincare brands do not include a toner in their range anyway!

Q.  Why was I told a toner would help an oily skin with open pores?

A.  Toners in the short term can give your skin a smooth look by ‘shocking’ the pores shut.  However, in the long run, this will cause a loss of elasticity in the pore, causing it to fall open and giving the skin an orange peel look. Closed pores and an even tone is achieved by using an efficient cleanser.

Q.  What about the toners with witch hazel….are they good for my combination oily skin?

  1.  In a word – no!  Toners used to be one-part alcohol and 5 parts water, which would make them very cheap to make and very profitable. But now that we all know that alcohol dries skin, people are wary of alcohol in their products. So we see a lot of toners that use witch hazel, which unfortunately acts in much the same way.

Witch hazel is an astringent that shrinks or constricts body tissues.  The results of this can be a loss of skin elasticity and ultimately more visible pores, which isn’t a good look.

Now I realise there are lots of people who claim to love witch hazel and toners.  All I can do is offer you my experience from treating clients whose skin was made sensitive, dry, dehydrated and irritated from using toners.

In summary, I would say that using our Exfoliating Cleanser daily and using the Skin Scrub once or twice a week – is going to give your skin a very deep cleanse and your pores will be refined without running the risk of damaging them. 

Stick to what works and don’t waste your money!

JL recommends:  Exfoliating Cleaner and Skin Scrub