You need to moisturise

Why you need to moisturise

Why you need to moisturise

Alarm goes off at 7 in the morning, you get up, walk the dog perhaps, shower, get ready, make the bed, get breakfast ready and on top of everything else – you need to moisturise! So does moisturising feel like another chore? I hope not! Please read on and be convinced of 5 reasons you must moisturise that beautiful skin!

• Moisturising prevents skin problems

Using the correct moisturiser for your skin helps it to maintain balance. For example, if you have dry skin and don’t apply moisturizer then you can attract bacterial infections or eczema.. If you have oily skin and overuse the wrong moisturizer then you can attract acne. Therefore ensure you use a lightweight lotion on oily skin and a cream or oil serum for dry skin.

• Moisturising keeps skin looking young

The skin on the face, ears, neck and chest sheds more dead skin cells than any other areas on the body. This constant shedding of dead skin cells leaves these areas vulnerable to dryness and the environment. In fact these areas are the highest risk for skin cancer. Moisturising helps give your skin a boost to repair and stay healthy.

• Hide Blemishes By Moisturising

Moisturising helps to even out skin tone and can camouflage minor skin imperfections. Freshly moisturised skin looks soft and has a healthy sheen. Even better if you use a Tinted Moisturiser for more coverage and a lovely glowing skin!

• Moisturiser fights wrinkles

People who properly moisturise accumulate wrinkles at just a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin – and that’s a fact! And don’t forget when you shower you feel super clean and invigorated but those shower gels strip the moisture right out of the skin. Taking a few minutes to apply moisturiser is going to make your skin feel great and get you ready for the stresses of the day ahead!

• Moisturiser makes you look younger and fresher

The outer layer of the skin is a layer of dead skin cells and when you apply moisturiser – guess what – the dead skin cells plump up and this gives the illusion of younger skin 

‘So, does anyone need any more reasons to apply a moisturiser that doesn’t just feel great, but helps your skin to be healthier, smoother and wrinkle free in the future?!’



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