Revitalizing cleanser

revitalizing cleanser

Why you should use our JL Revitalizing Cleanser

Two words – ‘scrupulously clean’ – does that describe how you like your skin to feel after washing it? And a bad word now – “SOAP”. Did it take you a while to realise that soap is doing bad things to your face?? Are you one of those who still believe that the only way to clean your skin is to scrub it well with any soap?

Your skin is feeling tight and dry and whilst you are thinking that maybe it’s just your skin type. Let me tell you that soap is the culprit. If you think of the outer layer of your skin, the epidermis, there is a fantastic protection made up of your own naturally produced oils and this forms what we call the Acid Mantle. Your skin being the largest and extremely clever organ of the body is protecting you from bacteria, micro organisms and from POLLUTION. Therefore when you hear of those words Acid Mantle, I want you to think of Anti Pollution – because that is exactly what the acid mantle’s job is!


Soap users will eventually dry their Acid Mantle up and render it ALKALINE and this is where skin problems begin…. from making skin super sensitive to extreme dryness causing lines, wrinkles and is some cases, eczema! So, there you have it! STOP USING SOAP! NOW, for those of you who are thinking of leaving that soap addiction behind, I have the best cleanser for you!

JL Revitalizing Cleanser is exactly that. It delivers a lovely foam to you skin that you simply massage gently all over face and neck and then rinse off. What you are left with is a lovely feeling of clean, fresh, gorgeous skin and you will now be addicted to our cleanser! Containing Rosehip Seed Oil which is like giving your skin a vitamin drink due to the content of Vitamin A, C and E, this is going to boost your collagen, keep your skin cells healthy and most importantly fight against the elements, pollution and the bad free radicals.

This cleanser suits all skin types, normal, combination, oily, problematic, acne and is my go to holiday cleanser!

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