Use our skin scrub

Why you should use our Skin Scrub

Why you should use our Skin Scrub

Exfoliating is one of the keys to having your best skin ever! Different skin types should use a mild skin scrub several times a week to give smooth, younger, fresher and cleaner skin. This is true, the more you exfoliate the smoother your skin becomes! This is especially true as the older our skin gets the slower the Skin Renewal System becomes, resulting in pigmentation, fine lines, thicker looking skin.Also if you have open pores or black heads you really have to use an exfoliator. An oilier skin is always going to hold on to your skin cells, what we aim to do is speed up and exfoliate to get that skin renewal system throwing off dead skin and revealing fresh skin in the future.

What ingredients are in our product?

Amber – Biodegradable powder

This amazing mineral doesn’t effect the environment or the oceans, which is so close to my heart. Amber acts as an antibacterial mineral which helps your skin to become healthy.

Honey – Anti-bacterial & Moisturising

Beautiful scent which is also antibacterial, this acts as a moisturiser to the skin. The Glycosaminoglycans in the skin are able to hold on to more moisture. This makes the skin more plump.

Amino Acids – Stimulate Collagen & Elastin to keep skin firm, hydrate and help skin heal faster

Crucial to skincare as stimulate Collagen and Elastin.

Magnesium Glucomate – Powerhouse Mineral, combats Acne, prevents wrinkles and skin allergies.

Helps to keep skin healthy and build the immune system in the skin. All of these components keep the skin healthy, heal it faster and act like a hydrator which is incredibly important to know.

How often should you use our Natural Skin Scrub?

Guys – Every single day as your cleanser!

Girls/Ladies – Dry – only twice per week

– Normal up it to three times per week

– Oily use ever day!

Who Shouldn’t use it?

Sensitive skin – if you have any sensitivity on your cheek area only use it on your T-zone

How to Use it?

It’s also great on other areas of the body, such as your arms, hands, back and chest.

All you need is a small amount with a few drops of water and work it gently in to the skin. Remove with luke warm water and you will see how smooth your skin is!